Elections: MONDAY!

The day draws nigh! This coming Monday, April 14, the UA College Democrats will meet at 7 PM in Lloyd 120 to elect next year’s executive officers. The current list of candidates is below, but note that this is not final - we will accept last-minute nominations for each office just before each vote, and any candidate is free to withdraw their candidacy until that time as well. Without further ado, the candidates:

for PRESIDENT: Sam Gerard, Reshad Hudson, Steven Sebastian

for VICE PRESIDENT: Vel Lewis, Emily Schmidt

for EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Justine Betzler

for SECRETARY-TREASURER: Dustin Ginsberg, Nick Roy



for MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR: Rachael Hartley

Again, this list is subject to change right up until the elections, but this is where it stands right now. If you have any questions about the elections or about a certain position, please feel free to contact one of your officers and ask!



Stephanie Petelos, chairwoman of the College Republican Federation of Alabama and former president of the University of Alabama College Republicans, told Alabama Media Group in June 2013 she was frustrated with the harsh statements and religious rhetoric from Republican leaders

Petelos said she supports an argument of states’ rights in the debate, but said conservatives’ statements that same-sex marriage is the decline of fundamental family values are unfounded.

"Kids who don’t have fathers, parents without education who aren’t able to give their kids the opportunities they deserve, that’s the decline in America that people need to talk about," she said. "Those are the social issues in this country that are hurting us. Not two people who love each other and are trying to build a life together. That’s not going to ruin America."